How Ed became one of Georgia’s premier guitar instructors

Ed Acquesta grew up in Geneva, NY with a love for music during the revolutionary and changing 1960’s. Inspired by artists such as The Beatles, The Who, and The Byrds, Ed took up the guitar determined to find his own way. At an early age, he had formed his own band, Little Caesar and the Romans. By the age of 18, he had already written a rock opera, and was performing his own songs. Later, while attending the State University of New York, he partnered with Mike Rubin, and together they opened for established artists as well as headlining their own gigs.

After working his way through the Northeast College circuit playing in coffee houses and college concerts, Ed began his jazz studies in 1974 in Rochester, N.Y. with the late master jazz guitarist, Dick Longale. While studying with Dick, he also joined the Hobart College Jazz Lab and studied under composer and arranger Nick D’ Angelo. This work led to jamming and gigging with older local jazz musicians and playing in a variety of settings in upstate New York. Next, while living outside Philadelphia, Ed experimented with new sounds rooted in the bluegrass tradition and played with Bill Felix’s Magnolia Road Band. In keeping with this new direction, Ed renewed his interest in other instruments like the mandolin, fiddle, and dobro.

Next, Ed moved to Durham, North Carolina, and returned to primarily playing jazz guitar. Ed welcomed the underground music scene of the many college campuses and built up a fan base. While living in Durham, Ed released his first cd, Bluella, a combination of original songs and jazz standards.

After seven years in NC, Ed moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area, where he currently resides with his wife. He continued his jazz studies with renowned local guitarist and teacher, Bob Shaw. Today, Ed often performs in venues around the Atlanta area, like the Capital City Club. When not practicing or performing, he offers private guitar lessons and workshops. He has over 15 years experience as a teacher, including his 7 years as an instructor with Dreamcatchers Guitars in Roswell, GA. While in Atlanta, Ed was inspired to write and produce 2 more albums: String Spirits and Root Cellar. Ever the evolving artist, Ed is already working on his next album. Expect great new things to come from this talented teacher and guitarist!